Author's doll

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The doll is made in a mixed technique.

Materials: clay, cashmere, copper wire, copper fittings, acrylic lacquer, acrylic paints, watercolors, genuine leather, lace, Italian cashmere, linen, calico, natural fur, artificial fur

Size: 28.5 cm.

From the author:

Movable head and handles.

Cosmic eyes!

Oyun - reasonable.

Came, and left a trail of five moons .....

There is wisdom from the ancestors in the young "Oyuun"

It will carry along the path to the world of people

To light your life with kindness

That brother was for brother, sister for sister

Carries "Oyun" us his world in the morning. ...

This girl has a gift from the planets ..

In it, the Eternity of Love embodied the Moonlight.

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