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12,000.00р. Ex Tax: 12,000.00р.

Author's doll "My grandmother smokes a pipe"

By purchasing this charming doll, yourself or as a gift, you have a unique opportunity to find a best friend, or to make a loved one happy, an excellent friend.

5,500.00р. Ex Tax: 5,500.00р.

Sobakin Enrique

Enrique is made of antique, antique plush and modern viscose.

5,500.00р. Ex Tax: 5,500.00р.

Bear cub gilda

Gilda is made of old, antique plush, juniper sawdust and apple trees.

32,000.00р. Ex Tax: 32,000.00р.

Author's dolls "Sonya golden hand and Kochubchik"

Sonya is a legendary person. Made for the upcoming series "Rostov-papa"

4,500.00р. Ex Tax: 4,500.00р.

Author's toy "Zaya"

Circulation: 1 copyMaterials: sawdust, glass eyes, oil paints, metallic granulate, cotter pin, velve..

5,000.00р. Ex Tax: 5,000.00р.

Author's doll "Girl Oyun"

Movable head and handles.Cosmic eyes!Oyun - reasonable.

1,500.00р. Ex Tax: 1,500.00р.


Funny little animals, a good gift for the new year.

9,000.00р. Ex Tax: 9,000.00р.

Author's doll "Alien Loli"

I am a stranger. I am an alien.Loli I descended from the star of heaven.

15,000.00р. Ex Tax: 15,000.00р.

Interior doll "Love Lyubava"

A doll in the national Ukrainian costume, in compliance with all the subtleties.

8,000.00р. Ex Tax: 8,000.00р.

The Dragon

Circulation: 1 copyIt is made of antique plush, juniper sawdust and apple trees.Materials: sawdust, ..

5,500.00р. Ex Tax: 5,500.00р.

Winnie Bear

The wine is made of antique, antique plush, juniper sawdust and apple trees.

18,000.00р. Ex Tax: 18,000.00р.

Designer interior doll Vasilisa "beautiful"

8,000.00р. Ex Tax: 8,000.00р.

Losyash Mitya

Mitya is made of antique, antique plush and modern viscose.

1,000.00р. Ex Tax: 1,000.00р.

Кукла 1

22,000.00р. Ex Tax: 22,000.00р.

Author's doll French King

For dog lovers, it is better not to find a gift. And if you are a connoisseur of French bulldogs, this doll is especially for you. Regal bulldog, it's great!
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