Author's doll French King

  • 22,000.00р.

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  • Ex Tax: 22,000.00р.
  • Materials: velvet, velvet ribbon, bronze hardware, copper fittings, gold patina, lace, brocade, brocade ribbon, embroidery, Japanese beads
  • Size: 39 cm

From the author:

For dog lovers, it is better not to find a gift. And if you are a connoisseur of French bulldogs, this doll is especially for you. Regal bulldog, it's great!

I dream how I will become king on Earth ... I will live according to — royally I in Tsarskoye Selo. And there, finally, I will seize up to the game, We know it from childhood - the “King of the Hill”. To me, with a royal gift, there will be toys: To the Tsar — ​​the bell tinkles, the bed of the Tsar — ​​the cannons.

Then I spend all day on the grass, So that they know that the king is without a king in his head. Under the royal vodka I will eat the royal fish soup ... Here rhyme will be asked, truly, "poems". But stop! For, no matter how itchy inside, Poetry writing is not a royal affair.

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