The Dragon toy

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  • Product Code: HAV0HRU
  • Circulation: 1 copy
  • It is made of antique plush, juniper sawdust and apple trees.
  • Materials: sawdust, glass eyes, oil paints, metallic granulate, cotter pin, plush vintage, juniper
  • Size: 22 cm sitting, 27.5 cm in full growth.

From the author:

Himself green, like a Christmas tree, with orange accents, like tangerines.

New Year, New Year !!!

Did you know that plush was released before 1946, and the one that is being released now is very different from the antique one, since it was cotton base and natural silk pile.

Nabit by old technology, sawdust on my own pattern.

With old love.

Well, a very cute little boy, in a word, sweet tooth!)

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