Author's doll "Alien Loli"

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The doll is made in mixed technique

Materials: clay, copper wire, copper fittings, acrylic varnish, acrylic paints, watercolors, lace, coarse calico, 100% cotton, satin ribbon, glossy varnish

Size: 54 cm.

Moving head

From the author:

It was very interesting to create this alien girl.

The depth of the eyes, just cosmic.

Milota horn, fascinates.

Delight guaranteed.

In the early morning you saw earthlings

Unusual, dazzling effect.

Appeared in the purple lights

Unknown flying object.

I flew to Earth early in the morning.

Swept my car like an arrow.

I am a stranger. I am an alien.

Loli I descended from the star of heaven.

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