Interior doll Wilhelm

  • 10,000.00р.

  • 1
  • Ex Tax: 10,000.00р.
  • Circulation: 1 copy
  • Materials: polymer clay fimo (fimo), natural fabrics, antique lace, bronze pendant, wire, acrylic paint, glossy lacquer, foam ball, satin silk natural, vilyur, velvet, pearl jewelry
  • Size: 31.5 cm

From the author:

This work was done by me in one breath, so easily and naturally.

I think the owner will feel all the warmth and love with which it was performed.

Wilhelm is very attached to his family, loves children and seeks to get a good education. Wilhelm, has a good-natured and responsive temper and understands people perfectly.

Skok-skok, skok-skok,

Tail and mane on flank.

How smooth

You, my horse.

You are my beauty,

I like everything about you

But a bit strange ...

You're wooden !!

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