Author's doll My grandmother smokes a pipe

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“My grandmother smokes a pipe”. This work took the 2nd place in the nomination “The best imaginative solution” at the exhibition “Don Doll 2017.”

  • Circulation: 1 copy
  • Materials: polymer clay, natural silk, vintage lace, tapestry fabric, wool 100%, acrylic paint, glass beads, silver fittings, spruce needles
  • Size: 31.5
  • You or your family, no one to talk to?
  • The best companion you will not find. After all, a good companion is one who knows how to listen. And who knows how to listen better than grandmother?
  • By purchasing this charming doll, yourself or as a gift, you have a unique opportunity to find a best friend, or to make a loved one happy, an excellent friend.
  • From the author:


Mom has a job

Dad has a job,

They have for me -

there is saturday

and the grandmother is always at home!

She never scolds me!

Shakes, feeds:

“Yes you do not rush!

Well what's up with you,

tell me? ”

I say, and grandma

Does not interrupt

Grains buckwheat

Sits, goes through ...

We are well like this, together

and a house without a grandmother is not a house.

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