Interior doll Love Lyubava

  • 15,000.00р.

  • 1
  • Ex Tax: 15,000.00р.
  • Circulation: 1 copy
  • Work is done to the exhibition "Doll of the Don."
  • Materials: plastic, wool, leather, natural leather, wood, silk, Cato, metal accessories, cotton, satin ribbon, flowers
  • Size: 31 cm.

From the author:

A doll in the national Ukrainian costume, in compliance with all the subtleties.

All colors of ribbons, which were necessary to knit from ancient times, are used in the winery.

The very first ribbon in the Ukrainian wreath was woven in the middle - a light-brown ribbon, which symbolizes the land-nurse. On either side of the brown ribbon are knitted yellow ribbons - a symbol of the sun. Next, yellow ribbons are followed by light green ones - a symbol of girlish youth and beauty. Then a line of blue and blue ribbons - symbols of water and a clear sky, which give strength and good health to the wreath owner. After the ribbons of blue color, orange ribbons are knitted - the symbol of bread and violet - the symbol of human wisdom. Another very important thing is that in the wreath there would be crimson ribbons - a symbol of sincerity, sincerity and pink - a symbol of wealth.

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