Handmade designer dolls in Liverpool

      There are a lot of dolls that fall under the category of designer. Among them are anatomically accurate figures that exactly reproduce the appearance of a person, grotesque characters from cartoons, fairy tales or legends, as well as just cute rag dolls. What kind of character each of the dolls will have, what charm it will carry, is more dependent on the ability of the author to endow her creation with soul. Artistic skills are given a secondary place. The masters reputation is created by the style and character of each doll that comes out from under his hands.

     These are the first steps to make the puppeteers name work for him in Liverpool.

     Materials for the manufacture of dolls in Liverpool, porcelain was used mainly for the manufacture of collection dolls. Now the authors handmade doll is most often made of polymer clay or plastic. The popularity of self-hardening clay and cold porcelain is slightly less. You can also make dolls from wood, sew from textile materials, knit or crochet. Hinged dolls are becoming increasingly popular. The master builds many hinges into their bodies, which gives him human mobility.

     Such a doll can take virtually any position, and if the master level is high enough, it will look almost like a living one. Special attention should be paid to the eyes and hair of future dolls. For the manufacture of hair Liverpool company using both natural and artificial materials. To create a portrait, or exclusive doll, it is important to use natural hair. If the author has made a doll that depicts mythical characters or animals, it is quite acceptable to use artificial hair. The author textile doll can have hair from a yarn. For such dolls, an idea is important, not a portrait resemblance to a person. Eyes can draw or use colored lenses, plastic, rhinestones, German crystal.

Making dolls from plastic

     As already mentioned, the authors doll in Liverpool is made of clay (plastic for modeling) made by most of the master puppeteers. This popularity is due to the fact that plastic is very easy to use and allows you to create any plastic effects. Externally, it is very similar to clay. To achieve a natural skin tone, you can mix several colors. In addition, polymeric masses can be painted in any tone with the help of paints, dry pigments or pencils.

     To make the product hard, polymer clay is enough to bake in an ordinary oven. Making porcelain dolls For the manufacture of porcelain dolls, only high-quality material is used, because most of them are not susceptible to coloring, so their color will depend entirely on the material used. The individual parts of the dolls are not made by the method of modeling, as was the case with polymer clay. Masters use special molds for casting, which they create themselves. After this, the puppeteer must combine all the details into one. Porcelain doll can be both fixed and hinged. Modern masters expand porcelain with new techniques. For example, to achieve the effect of glowing soft skin, especially skilled puppeteers use a complex technique of applying wax on porcelain.

Handmade designer doll made of papier-mache

     This material is a substance of fibrous materials and adhesive elements. Experts recommend using cellulose and paste for making paper mache. Homogeneous mass is applied to special forms. It can be removed only after the base for the doll hardens and becomes solid. The papier-mache technique makes it possible to make a hinged doll with a built-in internal frame. Before you start making papier-mache dolls, you must carefully consider all the details, prepare the drawings and patterns. A complex doll needs to be drawn in several projections. If the finished doll will have hinges, they are also drawn on the drawings. Combining puppet making techniques Very often, an author's doll is made quite difficult by combining several different techniques. For example, some parts are made of papier-mache, and all remaining parts are made of polymer clay. In addition, the torso can be made of textile materials, using a pad to give it the desired shape. As stuffing, you can use pieces of cloth, special balls for toys or any other bulk material. Designer textile doll is made of a material with a small pile. For example, fleece and flannel very well imitate the skin. Often used technique is a sculpture and textile. Such dolls are made using wire frames that are wound with padding polyester. From above, the doll is sheathed with a nylon that mimics the skin color.

Handmade designer dolls in Liverpool